About Us

Balloons in the Box has quickly grown into one of the leading brands in the gift and party industry. We specialize in bringing you unique gift ideas to turn every event into a reason to celebrate. Our popular balloon packages light up the faces of delighted recipients across the United States.

Each package is theme and color coordinated by skilled party planners and assembled by our professional warehouse team. Special care is taken to ensure that the balloons and supplies are made of the highest quality material on the market. Gift boxes are inspected before leaving the warehouse so we could be confident that the package will outshine your expectations

The outer box is sealed with readable decorative tape, designed to build suspense. Thrilling phrases, striking and engaging to prepare the recipient for a lightening bomb. Shipped securely in a durable box, our package is assured to arrive intact.  

With our vast selection of themes and designs, you are bound to find the perfect package for every age and occasion. Balloons in the Box is distinguished by the unsurpassed creativity and skill that is embedded in each gift package. It's the little details that make all the difference.