Sending balloonsIs It Old-Fashion to Send Balloons?

The use of balloons dates back for as long as rubber simultaneously exists. While balloons use anchors well in most western traditions, many still believe that balloon gift sending is a thing of the past. The question now stands, is it old-fashion to send balloons?

Why Balloons are Indispensable Elements in Cultures?

There is no exact explanation as to how balloons became a staple in celebratory cultures around the world. The oldest record of balloon use, however, does reveal a direct relevance in special occasions and events. It was the Chinese who used paper lanterns in ancient festivals to create an impressive sight in the sky.

As rubbers became commercially available at the start of the 20th century, producers also started mixing colors to hide the bland-looking color of the material. Eventually, manufacturers finally produced rubber balloons, and their variety of colors made people start associating balloons with celebrations. Today, people use balloons as decorations for crucial life events such as birthdays and marriages; some even opt to send balloons as gifts.

Why Do People Accept Balloons as Gifts?

Balloons are not just for background display only during crucial commemorations. More and more people are choosing to send balloons to the giftee.  

Because people incorporated balloons on celebratory occasions, it does not stretch far on how they can use balloons as a gift. Balloons are simple, attractive, and meaningful; ironic that despite their simplicity, they can be expressive at these important moments. They are also malleable and easily customizable, aspects that encourage people to send balloons to someone.

Despite the overwhelming advantages, people can still be reluctant at buying balloons as a present. It turns out that the balloon’s greatest edge as a gift—its inexpensiveness—can serve as a reluctant discouragement as well.

Are Balloons Cheap and Tacky Gifts?

Most gifting balloons are inarguably cheap compared to other lavish gifts. You spend a change to send balloons to the recipient and charge them with little expense to mail balloons to them. While balloons are easy scapegoats for cheap gifting habits, people should understand that balloons carry more sentiments than what they imagine.

For starters, higher-end customizable balloons are versatile physical items that can easily imply an excited tone of celebration. The time and effort to set up gifts do not come short-handed on sentimental-focused gifts like balloons.

Case on point, inexpensive items like balloons are not tacky gifts if the giver poured enormous amounts of sentimental value into giving them. In the best-case scenario, highly-customizable balloon gifts can bring indispensable moments that the giftees can remember for the rest of their lives.

How to Send Balloon through Mail?

There is now a growing shift in how people treat and use balloons. As more people are now considering the option to send balloons, the ways to customize, present and deliver them also increase. One option present is to use UPS for the balloon delivery.

However, shipping the gift

 items themselves can be a rather daunting task to prepare all by yourself–working without professional help will warrant utter failure. Helium will always leak as it can always seep through the rubber balloon itself. Some issues may arise during the shipping problems such as wrong input of data. Apart from that is the staggering amount of effort that you need to exert before you accomplish mailing your balloon gift.

This is where we step in and make things easier for you. In our patent-pending process of using aluminum as packaging for the balloon goods, the helium balloon will stay inflated longer than when we didn’t prepare it. We also process the mail and shipping transactions with due diligence to assure our customers that the balloon gifts will arrive at their destination.